Are You Ready for Coaching?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (“No, not at this time”) to 5 (“Yes, absolutely”): Am I ready to create more focus in my life and business? Am I ready to grow personally and professionally?

  • Do I Think BIG?
  • Do I believe in myself and my product or service?
  • Am I ready to create more focus in my life and business?
  • Am I ready to grow personally and professionally?
  • Am I open to trying new ideas instead of continuing to do the things that have not worked in the past?
  • Am I ready to create and clarify a compelling vision for my life and business?
  • Am I ready to take action on that vision?
  • Am I willing to stop self-defeating behaviors?
  • Am I ready to start managing my time and money effectively?
  • Am I willing to discover and change fears and beliefs that hold me back?
  • Am I ready to accept responsibility for my success and happiness in life?
  • Am I willing to do homework between my weekly coaching calls?
  • Am I willing to make the time commitment necessary to make each coaching appointment, without distractions during the session?
  • Am I willing to invest time, money, willpower and energy into taking better care of myself and creating the business and life I want?
  • Am I ready to create balance in my work and home life?
  • Am I ready to create a great habit of self-discipline?
  • Am I ready to act self-confidently?
  • Am I ready to be self-motivated?

Your Score

If your score is:

20 – 40: Take a look at yourself and your life, and ask yourself if you’re ready to create the life you want. What’s the first thing you’d like to work on?

40 – 60: You’re ready to take control of your life, your business and your personal success. A coach can help you create the strategy and actions for moving forward!

60 – 80: You’re probably already moving forward on designing the life and business you want and deserve. A coach can help you move across the finish line!

The thing is, there are people out there right now who are looking for what you have, and you have it to give to them.  But right now they can’t buy it from you. They can’t learn from you.  Because you don’t have a website.

You don’t have a way for them to buy your wisdom.

You could be helping so many people right now – people who would gladly pay you for your ebooks, for your home study course, even for your coaching – but they cannot right now because you don’t have a website, you don’t have a sales page, you don’t have a way for them to buy from you.

And that’s not right.  Because you could be helping them right now.

So it is up to you.

Are you going to take action NOW and be able to start helping the people in your niche who really need you?  Or are you going to continue to bang your head against the wall, trying to figure it all out – and meanwhile the people who would become your clients are searching elsewhere, buying from someone else?

It is time for you to take action, build your own site and start selling your own products. Go ahead and get my step by step, easy to follow instructions now:

Sign up today to start your journey of Success. 

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