DMOZ approval Guaranteed

DMOZ Directory or ODP is a human managed directory that sends results or data to search engines. DMOZ directory data is now used by the majority of major search engines on the net and syndicated throughout many hundreds of websites. This fact alone makes DMOZ the most important submission you will ever make.

All the sites submitted to DMOZ do not get approved. Sites, which follow DMOZ guidelines completely, have fairer chances of getting listed to DMOZ directories. One needs to choose the right category, title and description and follow the DMOZ guidelines to get listed to it.

You can avail Our DMOZ submission services. We are specialized in it and can help you to get your sites listed in DMOZ.

DMOZ Popular Package

–  Comprehensive site analysis.
–  FREE link validation analysis.
–  Research on the best DMOZ category.
–  “Guaranteed DMOZ listing” — with 100% money back guarantee if unsuccessful.
–  Total Payment $300, $150 upfront & remaining $150 after successful listing

Fast & Efficient Service

Our fast and efficient service allows you to build an engaging audience.We will complete your project in 4-5days.
Money back Guarantee

We charge for DMOZ Submission Service. If you do not get the report within the timeline, we will refund your money back.
SEO Friendly

Our SEO friendly DMOZ Listing Service is 100% white-hat and it help you to increase your website ranking on Search Engine result.

We research categories for your website as you must find out the most relevant category for your site before submitting it to DMOZ. We do it for you so you get advantage of DMOZ submission at most.

  • We also research and create titles for your website, which are appropriate according to DMOZ guidelines.
  • We create a description for your website by researching a lot so it could be suitable to DMOZ Guideline.
  • We also provide screen shot of the submission done to our clients.
  • We do not promise assured DMOZ listing but our service increases chances of DMOZ listing as it follows all the DMOZ guidelines. Chances are high that your website gets listed to DMOZ.
  • Websites with lots of errors and clumsy design tend to get rejected, when it is submitted to DMOZ directory. Thus we thoroughly check and make sure that your website is free from broken links and spelling errors, before submitting your site to the DMOZ directory.
  • DMOZ directories favour sites with rich content. We check for it before submitting your site to DMOZ directories.
  • Listing in DMOZ directory adds to the quality and credibility of the websites.
  • If you get listed to DMOZ directory your website gets repute and indicates that it has quality content.
  • Getting listed to DMOZ increases traffic to your website by attracting many visitors.

Order Form Details: Email your website URL & keyword anchor text at after completing the payment, along with the Paypal email id from which you have made the payment.

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